Thursday, October 4, 2012

Opinion Piece 3: Election Clarification

     So while existing in multiple locations around campus today and reading Facebook, it has become apparent to me that last night's debate requires some clarification.  Both candidates performed well but it is clear that the winner was Mitt Romney.  Second, yes Mr. Romney wants to cut PBS out of the budget for step back for a second.  What would actually be lost from this?  Jobs?  No, the entertainment industry is hiring.  Programming?  This has been the most talked about issue with Sesame Street being the most noted.  Let me make this very clear: we will never see a day where Sesame Street isn't on the air unless the production company decides to stop funding the show.  The instant that PBS is shut down, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network will start a massive bidding war for it.  And finally, Mitt Romney had far more specific examples about how he would fix the country.  President Obama relied on appeals to pathos and plain folks imagery from swing states.  He had nothing substantial to say and yet he talked for over four minutes more than Mr. Romney.  And by repeatidly going back to how Mr. Romney is going to "worsen the deficit and lower the taxes on the wealthy" while Mitt Romney repeatidly explained what he would actually do just made President Obama look uninformed.  And Romney's ideas for fixing the education system are better, and more legal than President Obama.  Race to the Top tramples on the 10th amendment as education is a state right and the standardized testing it calls for is banned by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.  Plus, removing tenure will never happen under the watch of a democrat because democrats are funded by the teacher unions (such as the UFT).  Again, these are FACTS not opinions.

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