Thursday, October 4, 2012

Opinion Piece 3 Part 2: IGN needs help

     Yes I know I did an opinion piece already today, but reading IGN has proven to me that the staff of that site needs a review of basic video game knowledge.  First of all, their review of Pokemon Black 2: the picture they used as the post picture is from the cover of Pokemon White 2.  Also, the review is nothing more than a laundry list of the new features it has with a very basic plot summary.  Now my other issue is, the fact that they repeatidly refer to Call of Duty being new and innovative and requiring strategy.  Anyone with two brain cells to rub together and has played CoD will know that it is the video game equivalent of the college paper mill.  It is a quick money making game that sells quick and leave the buyer with a sense of regret wasting such a large amount of money for a shit outcome.  Now, apparently if the news doesn't involve CoD, Borderlands, Bioshock, Minecraft, Pokemon (The main series of games), Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Tales of..., Mario, or Mass Effect it isn't worthy of their site as Sonic Adventure 2's re-release and the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game as well as Dragon Ball Budokai/Budokai 3 re-release are not mentioned anywhere on the site.  My advice? and search for games you want information.  You will also get reviews from people with a measurable IQ that don't list Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Yellow as repackages of the first two games.

My review of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 will be written once the games have been played through.  I expect to get them Tuesday of next week.

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