Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidental Debate Notes

Here are my notes from the presidential debate:

Coverage of the Presidential Debate
I think that it is pretty cool about the amount of pre-debate shows that are on, similar to the Super Bowl.
Before the debate President Obama is leading in the polls.
The hand shaking reminds me of Veep
O: 30 seconds just wishing Michelle Happy Anniversary, Went overtime
R: Romney comes off very personable, Romney comes off as if he knows the issues better.
O: Race to the Top mentioned without any mentioning it’s issues, Romney, jump on this.  Tax breaks for energy.  Investing in education.  Lower Taxes on the Rich.  Attacks Romney’s plan.
Romney no tax cuts on scales that Obama says.  Romney is winning at this point. 9:12 PM. 
Romney Is talking down to Obama.
Obama knows that he is losing.
2001 and 2003 had no recession
Reagan used Romney’s approach.
Clinton wasn’t in a recession.
Differences on Deficit Problem
Romney’s Cuts:
Anything the State Can do
Combine agencies
Obama’s Cuts:
Check the Website, he doesn’t know
Obama is using unsubstantiated facts
Romney is dismantling Obama’s opinion
Romney calls out claims of breaks for outsourcing.
Social Security:
Structurally sound: Obama
Medicare: Obama cuts for current retirees-Romney
Obama does not mention his cuts.
Romney: Cuts to higher income people.
R:Dodd-Frank establishes “Too Big to Fail”
Romney: Repeal and Replace “Dodd-Frank”
No one is going to say the truth about the cause of the recession.
Romney has reasons to revoke.  Obama is using Plain Folks Propaganda.
Uses the state level as an example for federal.
Prices going down couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it is a recession
Obama just ventured into very dangerous territory.
No Mention of Affordable Care Supreme Court
Romney: He played the 10th amendment
Views of the Role of Fed
Obama: Keep people safe
Obama: Create Frameworks for people to succeed
Obama invokes Lincoln
Obama: Race to the Top Works
Obama: Romney doesn’t think we need more teachers
Romney: Mass has great schools and teachers
Education is a State Right
No military cuts
Religious Tolerance
Romney ventures into religion
College Grads need a new path
Romney: State issue with little intervention.
Romney: Vouchers for low income
Obama: Fed has significant role in education
Obama lapses back into an issue already finished with taxes.
Education budget includes PBS Mr. Obama
Obama: Making college affordable
Obama: Yay! More student loans :D -_____-
Romney calls out Obama’s priority is green jobs.
Romney calls for school grading (Mr. Romney meet Mr. Bloomberg)
Romney: I will sit down after elected to talk about the issues.  Work collaboratively to find common ground. 
Obama: Will take advice from either side as long as it benefits the middle class. 
Obama: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell somehow benefits the average American
Closing Arguments
Obama: Plain Folks… The auto workers like the $60/hour paychecks too.  Total Time: 42:50
Romney: Different Directions as Obama makes the “Not Bad” rage comic face.  Will Create 12 million jobs.  I will protect from Obamacare.  CNN cut to commercial in the middle of Romney’s closing arguments on my stream.

Romney won in my opinion

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