Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why the Republicans Need to Rethink Their Image and Other Post-Election Thoughts.

     Before I start, I would like to correct myself on the electoral college/popular vote comment I made last night.  At the time, President Obama had clinched the electoral college but was 1.5 million behind in the popular vote.  As of right now (with Florida still pending) President Obama is up by 3 million in the popular vote.  Kudos to the President for his victory.  All I hope is that in four years there will still be a country for me to work in.
     Anyway, last night should have opened the eyes of the GOP and they should understand something.  As long as they go against the Democrats on the social issues of birth control, abortion rights, and gay marriage. Is it really such a big deal to let gay people get married?  Or let someone get an abortion?  Or get contraception covered by their insurance.  Granted, any person that votes for the Democrats purely for just one of these issues (especially if they are in college and just want cheap birth control) should have their right to vote revoked.  What is more important, having a job in four years when you graduate or having sex.  And yes I know that not all birth control is used to keep women from getting pregnant and that it is used to give women a regular period cycle and all that.
     Also, the GOP has become too polarized a figure in the American mainstream.  Because of this, the media will pick up on small things said and make them blown out of proportion.  Take the debates for example, what is the one thing that everyone remembers from the debates?  Big Bird and that Mitt Romney has "binders full of women."  At least when he was attacked for the Big Bird comment that was in context.  The binders of women was taken out of context to make him sound like a misogynist when, in reality, he was attempting to include the opinion of women in his cabinet.   However, trickle down/top down/Reaganomics will not work at this point unless you offer tax incentives to people who bring jobs back to America.
     One of the more important issues not talked about in the elections as much is education.  Did you know that Mitt Romney was called an "Elitist" for saying that every American should get a college education?  Did you know that the Democratic Party/Super PACS/Obama Campaign attacked Romney for his ability to speak French?  What was Romney's standpoint on Education?  He wanted teacher accountability and the ability for a student to be able to go to any school he wants as long as he meets the qualifications by removing money as a factor.  Using New York City as an example, if a student is zoned to go to a failing high school and they have the grades to go to a top-tier high school, the government would help them.  Think about how many people would be able to get out of the intercity and how much that would help Science, Math, and Engineering.  I'm not sure of any arguments against this yet the "elitist" GOP want to incorporate poor people into schools and the Democrats are against it.  Teacher effectiveness ratings are essential to elevating our schools back to the top.  Tenure is killing the system because once a teacher has tenure, they have no incentive to improve or change.  They can't be fired unless they do something extreme such as drugs, alcohol, assault, and/or sexual misconduct and they can't have a pay deduction.  Groups like the UFT (United Federation of Teachers, New York City's union) blocks legal efforts to raise teacher effectiveness.  For example, the city wanted to close down (I could be wrong on the number) 12 schools.  When phrased that way it sounds bad, but what it means is that half the teachers are fired from the system and replaced with outside hires. The student's continue going to school and face absolutely no changes except for the teachers/administration in the building.  Who did the UFT donate to in the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections?  The Democratic Party.  So to answer your question, yes, you voted in four more years of educational stagnation.
     For welfare, the Republicans were in the wrong for repeatidly implying that people on welfare are lazy.  I think that they have poor money management skills as I have seen welfare lines in Queens where people are wearing $300 sneakers while using $400 phones while waiting on line for food stamps and unemployment checks.
     These are just my views, feel free to comment and I will reply.


  1. I love your blog. But, as a bisexual person and the daughter of a lesbian, I have to disagree with you. Giving gay people the right to marry is a very important thing. I value it as you value getting a job when you graduate. It's a matter of human rights to me. I want to give my mother and I the right to marry whoever we want. I just can't support someone who thinks that what I am and what I want is "bad" or "evil".

    As for abortion I think it is very important to have as an option. And while I agree with you that people shouldn't vote based on being able to have a lot of sex without getting pregnant, there are some times when it is a very good thing for people to be able to get an abortion. For example, if the person is not fit to have a child because they are too young and/or irresponsible their child is likely to have a bad quality of life. If they give up their child to adoption the outlook isn't great either. Less than 3% of foster children go to college and 51% are unemployed. Abortion prevents that.

    I agree with Romney on education and I can see your point of view. It honestly wouldn't have been that bad if Romney had been elected. But, it's all about values for me. And I value giving rights to gay people and pregnant women, Romney didn't. And it was too important for me to look past.

  2. When I said that gay marriage is not that big a deal, I don't mean it shouldn't be given. I mean that it is a waste of time to debate why the right shouldn't be given. I see the standpoint of the GOP where the term "marriage" is usually seen as a religious term where it is traditionally seen as being between a man and a woman. However implementing laws that ban types of marriages based on sexual identity or banning polygamy even is the implementation of a pseudo-religious government based on Protestantism and Judaism, something banned by the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution. That aside, what does it matter to the average straight person if two gay people get married. It doesn't affect my life if two gay people get married and, in all honesty, it doesn't affect the politicians or any of their constituents.

    I agree that abortion should be an option for people but the issue arises when people begin using abortions as a regular contraceptive measure. Also, the money going to other areas such as the thousands of dollars going to pay farmers not to use their land (these subsidies were established during the Dust Bowl to help farmers and have not been revoked or changed since) could be used to help improve the foster system. Essentially, there are measures that could be implemented (such as adoption clinics to help these children, establishing zones to keep the children within to avoid them from relocation in excess, offering foster children the ability to go to any college they want through vouchers, offering free training for jobs and/or trade school etc.) however it is easier and cheaper to open up more abortion clinics. We could implement mandatory health classes in high schools about the dangers of excessive abortions and other contraceptive methods, but that is seen as an infraction on a woman's right to choose. I am pro-life but not in the conventional sense, I believe that it is in the best interest of the woman to know about what could happen as well as what is currently happening.

    To me however, the biggest deal was education. Obama's cuts to NASA and failing education policies are killing this country and failing the children of this country. I will be writing an article on how to fix the education system this Thursday so I won't go too far into detail here. I voted for Gary Johnson because voting for the lesser of two evils is not the way to go.