Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Figured I Should Weigh in on This

I have realized that every ten years, maybe less, maybe more, but at least once per decade, there is a song and dance combination that achieves viral popularity and, despite the song having lyrics that the common American doesn't understand, still is immensely popular.

The current generation's example is very easy to pick out.  The K-Pop song "Gangnam Style" by Psy with it's dance is the 2010's song.  If you are reading this, you probably know the 1990's glowing example "Macarena" by Los del Rio.  The 2000's had a song too and (in my opinion at least) "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" by Soulja Boy was the song for that time period.

What do these songs all have in common?  All had viral popularity, their dances were introduced in the video and achieved popularity globally, and everyone knows the song when they hear it but no one can tell you the lyrics.  "Gangnam Style", of the three, has the best lyrics when translated to English because he is poetically describing a woman without objectifying her.  "Macarena" is about a woman who goes to a party and cheats on her boyfriend.  "Crank That" basically explains a bunch of explicit sex acts, one of which "Superman that hoe" means to ejaculate on the lower back of a woman and then cover it with a tissue.  No, I did not make that up, that is what it means.  The next question is how often does that need to happen for people to go "hmm, you know what, we need to name this."

I realize there are other songs like "What is Love" and "Drop it Like it's Hot" but these songs didn't achieve as high popularity as the above mentioned.  If you have any other songs, feel free to comment.

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