Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pokemon's Next 10 Years

     I saw this on the Pokecommunity.com forums and (considering the thread was closed) I figured I would post my thoughts on the next 10 years for the Pokemon franchise:

2013: Pokemon X and Y (Generation VI)
This is a given because this has been announced.

2014: Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Remakes and Pokemon Ranger Game
I believe this because I believe that Gen VI will be known as the Generation of the Remakes.  Plus, the genetics theme of X and Y will fit in perfectly with the Mew/Mewtwo arc.  However, this will not be a traditional version where it is the same game.  I expect a large amount of story development including Mewtwo gaining Exoskeleton form from the movie and the protagonist having to fight and defeat him.  Also, Mewtwo could say his famous quote from the movie at the end.  The Ranger game will be the last in the series as this will sell as poorly as Guardian Signs did.  It will achieve most of its sales from the ability to get an event Pokemon in it such as Meloetta.

2015: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Remakes
Continuing the theme of Generation of the Remakes, Ruby Sapphire and Emerald will be remade here.  This will be a traditional remake where in Ruby you get Groudon and in Sapphire you get Kyogre but there will be the Rayquaza inclusion of Emerald.  Also, the Hoenn Region will retain the changes in Emerald (Battle Frontier, Battle Tents etc.)  Due to the hype, they will only release this.

2016: Pokemon X 2 and Pokemon Y 2
Continuing the precedent set by Black 2 and White 2 (and a Z version would not fit the Genetics theme) X 2 and Y 2 will be released here.  Some form of Battle Frontier will be introduced somehow and the story will be drastically different.

2017: Pokemon Pinball X/Y and Pokemon TCG 2 (3 in Japan)
This will be done to test the sales of these games, TCG will do better than TCG 1 and Pinball X/Y will sell terribly

2018: Pokemon RPG Wii U, Pokemon Stadium 3, and first indications of Gen VII
A Pokemon RPG set in Orre will be released along with a Pokemon Stadium 3 that will reveal two new Pokemon for the next generation.

2019: Generation VII (Pokemon Night and Pokemon Day)
Generation VII will be released with a theme of Life/Death (illustrated by the names Night and Day).  It will cause much controversy and will be the first generation rated "T"

2020: Pokemon Snap 2 Wii U/Pokemon Trozei 2
After enough fan pestering, NOA will relent and create a Pokemon Snap 2 for Wii U.  This will fail miserably as the gimmick of being able to take pictures on your own is lost to the current generation of children (at this point would be born between 2010 and 2015) causing the decision to NEVER do this again.  Pokemon Trozei 2 will be released despite NO ONE requesting it.  This will be the worst year for sales in franchise history.

2021: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Remakes
Because they can, these games will be remade.  Despite the "15th Anniversary hype" the sales will be lower than remakes of Gold/Silver/Crystal.

2022: Pokemon Dawn and Pokemon Twilight and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Continuing the theme of Life/Death, these games will be sequels to Night/Day.  These games will be reviewed horribly by fans and critics alike for the lack of originality that Black 2/White 2 had.  Mystery Dungeon 4 will sell terribly as the gimmick of being able to play as a Pokemon will be lost.  That series will end.

2023: Pokemon Company will put the entire collection of Game Boy games on the Virtual Console in an attempt to save them from bankruptcy.  Due to the fact that the graphics will not be up to par, many of the Pokemon fans have come to know and love will be gone, abilities will be lost, natures will be lost, breeding will be missing etc. these will be received well by critics but horribly by fans.  One last effort to save the franchise will be lost and that will be a new stadium fighter for the Wii U (or what ever the home console is) to attempt to create support for a Gen VIII.  This will not work and the last thing released will be Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for virtual console.

I will be playing loyally to the end.

Do you have an opinion?  Share it below.

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