Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video Games and Violence. A Rant

     Alright, I am getting sick and tired of hearing about how video games make people violent.  Let's think about this logically, if a person plays Call of Duty, it will make him want to kill people in real life.  First of all, this implies that the whole population of the world is stupid and sheep that does what they are told.  Second, how has there not been a massive rise in the amount of shootings.  Now, here is the measures I would take just to shut the media the fuck up.

1. Make the MPAA and ESRB federal agencies and make their ratings binding.

2. Revise the ratings system.  Remove the PG-13, E10, and T ratings.  This streamlines the system.  Remove the E rating and replace it with the K-A rating for video games and replace NC17 with NC21 so that the ratings would be as follows:
     Movies: General Audiences-Parental Guidance-Restricted-No Children Under 17
     Video Games: Early Childhood-Kids to Adults-Mature-Adults Only
Now that you have actual ratings, create selling guidelines:
     Movies-G and PG: anyone can see.  R: Over 18, and NC 21: Over 21
     Video Games-EC and K/A: Anyone can buy, M: Over 18, AO: Over 21

3. Criminalize the sales outside these parameters on both parties.  How do we do this?  Simple.  Create a license to sell entertainment media.  Without this, a business cannot legally sell/rent/sell time playing video games or show/sell/rent movies.  If they disregard this, they lose their licence to conduct business.  Then, require the production of a valid ID to sell.  This is proven through the requirement of the cashier to put the license identification number into the computer at the point of purchase.  It even would work on Amazon or other online points by requiring that you input it.  Identity theft would be prevented by requiring it is inputted through the system each time a purchase is made.

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