Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pokemon Game Idea.

    So, in a discussion with one of the people I live with, the topic of a complete Pokemon game came up.  Here is how I believe it should work.

1.  It is a MMO.
2. Wii U Game.
3. You pick the region you start in.
4. Pokemon XD style graphics.
5. You choose between the option of being a master at gyms, a master contest coordinator, or both.
6. DLC.  And lots of it.

Here is an example.  You start the base game with it connected to your Mii, preventing the "Are you a boy or a girl" awkwardness.  You then get to play through Kanto, remastered on the Wii U, in stunning HD quality with an expanded story.  Then you beat the game.  Now what?  DLC of course.  There are missions available like aiding the Pokemon Rangers or stopping an onslaught of Shadow Pokemon. There would also be DLC of further regions, such as the Sevii Islands and the Orange Islands.  Still bored after that?  Download the Johto pack where you can play through another whole region.  Now to prevent the overpowering, force the person to start over each region with their Pokemon in the boxes.  It would function like the Prestige system in Call of Duty.  The final option would be for a person to pick up to six Pokemon to bring to the next region where they have their levels and stats returned to the level they were caught at.

Comment your thoughts.

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