Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: All the Little People

     As finals bear down, I continue to review episodes of Adventure Time.  This week's episode was another comedic random episode called "All the Little People."  In this episode, Finn finds a bag of toy figurines of everyone in Ooo that have their own lives.  Like The Sims however, Finn and Jake have the power to manipulate and influence their lives.  Jake wants Finn to stop playing with them, but Finn keeps on playing, destroying the relationships of everyone in the Mini World and having everyone hate Little Finn.
     This episode is cute and has it's funny moments (a few at the expense of players of The Sims).  The Magic Man makes an appearance in the beginning of the episode which leads me to believe that this is not the last we will see of the Mini People.

This episode gets an 8/10 purely for its comedic value.  Next week (as per production code order) should be "Bad Little Boy" but it could be pushed back again.


  1. I think that the episode was a Take That to romance fanfics, especially the ones with unlikely pairings. Watching it I wondered how smart were the Mini People. My guess would be around the level of cats or dogs. They were definitely imbued with the basic personalities of the originals, but very simplified.

  2. I think that the Mini People has the assumed intelligence of Sims. They can carry out basic tasks and react according to a computer program style personality. As for the fanfic attack, that is definitely what it was going for. I think that rating limitations prevented the slash pairings including PBxM. This is not unheard of as the original script for Power Rangers Wild Force episode "Forever Red" called for an attack on the JasonxTommy slash fanfics.

  3. I also noticed that the Mini People were much less sexually-inhibited than their full-sized equivalents. This was partially because they were only aware of those other Mini People with which they were directly interacting, but also (in-universe) because they were about Sims-level to animal-level intelligence; outside of universe, of course, it was because they were supposed to be as obsessed with sex as typical romantic fanfic characters. They were less socially-inhibited in other ways too: they were quicker to violence, for instance.

  4. That could just be due to their computer program style personalities. Every Mini Person reacted the same way to break ups (crying) but after effects are based on their distinctions and/or off screen motivation by Finn.