Monday, January 21, 2013

Adventure Time "Mystery Dungeon" Review

     Another week, another Adventure Time episode.  This week is the episode "Mystery Dungeon."  The premise is NEPTR, the Ice King, Tree Trunks, Lemongrab, and Shelby wake up in a Dungeon and they must progress through it using their particular skills. Eventually, they reach the last room which should be opened by BMO and the Ice King's plan falls apart.  It turns out he knocked out everyone and used them to get to the prize, a man who can make anything real.  The Ice King wants to use it to make Fionna and Cake become real.  This fails as the wizard turns the book containing the story real, not the actual story.  It ends with the Ice King saying that he will never give up bringing Fionna and Cake to life.
     This was an alright episode until the end.  I believe that this will open up a new arc with Fionna and Cake allowing for the story lines there to gain more traction.

Final Rating: 8.75/10

Sorry about the length, I feel like death.


  1. One of the reasons I really liked this episode is that it starred a bunch of secondary characters -- the closest to a main character playing a major role in the story was the Ice King himself. Some, like Shelby, were so secondary as to be at best C-Listers (was there even a Mini-Shelby in Magic Man's set?).

    The episode demonstrated how Ice King's self-centeredness and obliviousness rob him of real opportunities to make friends. Everyone except for NEPTR was angry at him for tricking them into the Mystery Dungeon, and doing so in such a way that it was impossible for anyone but the Ice King himself to achieve anything. What was really sad was that Simon had forgotten all about NEPTR, even though Simon liked him.

  2. The Ice King didn't so much "like" NEPTR as much as he wanted to use him to one-up Finn. He saw it as something he could have that Finn couldn't. I think that he sees the Fionna and Cake universe as a place he could be and get a fresh start, especially considering he is essentially God there, being its creator. Considering the Crown already has a lust for power, it makes sense that he would want this.

  3. I agree about what you said about this episode, but I'm not really fond of the Fiona and Cake aspect of this season. I believe the only reason this has been added in is because so many fans of the swapped universe were contacting Pendelton Ward to make more like the first one.

  4. Adventure Time is all about fan service. Pendelton Ward likes reading the fan fiction and enjoys making the fan base freak out, to the point where he implied a lesbian relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum. The man promotes Fan Fictions on his blog, so the original Fiona and Cake makes sense as it is pure Rule 63. The later one arose out of the possibility of selling toys and other related materials, similar to the reason that the Power Rangers have such extensive toys available. Also, Fiona and Cake is an appeal to female audiences, as the storylines take on a more romantic side of things (because it is a Fan Fiction). However, I see the Fiona and Cake universe coming into play in the future because all of the references from "King Worm" have appeared in some form.