Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adventure Time News

     To those of you who like the television show Adventure Time, there is news.  First of all, next week's epiosde "Vault of Bones" is centered around Finn trying to turn Flame Princess good, against her father's wishes.  The trailer shows a few things that are of note.  Finn's demon sword is back as well as the fact that he is wearing a gauntlet.  There is no news as to the significance of this.  Also, more on the technical side, music writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar is receiving her final credit as storyboard artist in the episode "Simon and Marcy" which should air, if there is no break, on March 11th.  However, I have a feeling that there will be a break or the episode will be pushed back.  Rebecca Sugar writes most of the songs from the show including "I'm Just Your Problem", "I Remember You", "Nuts" and "Fry Song."  Her role in creating music in the future is unknown, however, she will no longer be writing episodes.  To get a feeling for how much of a loss that is, here is a list of episodes written by her:

201: It Came from the Nightosphere
207: Power Animal
211: The Chamber of Frozen Blades
215: The Real You
218: Susan Strong
225: Mortal Folly
302: Morituri te Salutamus
309: Fiona and Cake
310: What was Missing
314: Beautopia
316: Jake vs. Me-Mow
326: Incendium
401: Hot to the Touch
406: Daddy's Little Monster
412: Gotcha!
416: Burning Low
419: Lady and Peebles
425: I Remember You
502: Jake the Dog
511: Bad Little Boy
Unaired: Simon and Marcy

Pretty big loss if you ask me.

UPDATE: Having just seen the extended Season 5 preview, clips from the episode "Simon and Marcy" are in it.  See the video below:

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