Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Adventure Time "The Great Bird Man"

     For the first time since "Little Dude" in early February, we get an actual Finn and Jake-centric episode that doesn't make me feel like I was forced to take Nyquil.  In this episode, Finn and Jake meet a reformed Goblin King in the Badlands who claims he has changed.  This is due to a wizard stealing his eyes.  Finn and Jake, thinking he is reformed, give him his eyes back and he relapses like a meth-head on Breaking Bad.  In a semi-anticlimactic ending that still retained the Adventure Time charm, the Goblin King retreats.
     The episode was good and it was very similar to the old style of Adventure Time.  My only complaint was the ending.  The Goblin King manages to go through all these dynamic stages and manages to end with "Oh, well, I fucked up."
     Sorry about the short review, I have a Political Theory test tomorrow as well as the fact that I have a Power Rangers Megaforce review, two Pokemon reviews, an announcement, and two op-eds to do.  Plus, I really don't see that much recurring from the story here in the long term considering it wrapped up the story with the Goblin King nicely.  On the 25th however, with "Simon and Marcy," that should, SHOULD, be a good review.

Final Rating: 9.25/10 (Holy shit, he went to the hundredths place)


  1. Did you notice the Shout Out to the Oedipus Cycle? Complete with "beard bedecked with eyeballs," though in this case the Goblin King has the ability to re-install them and make them work again. This seems to be a common feature of many of the races in the Land of Oo -- remember the Monster Princess Wife and the rather quick way that the donors had their parts restored to them? I wonder if it was some sort of mutation or genetic engineering done during the Mushroom War to make the posthumans tough enough to survive their new, insane environment?

  2. The Princess's abilities to restore may be the results of their crown jewels for all we know. It may be a trait that all Royalty of Ooo share. We never encountered a need for Marceline, who's role as Vampire Queen is acknowledged by the rest of the royalty, or the Ice King to regenerate, so possibly. Or, it could be genetic engineering with species with regenerative properties such as starfish or a mutation as you suggested.

    1. Well, I would think regeneration would be a Standard Vampire Ability (though AT often has very non-standard creatures). Simon regenerated the insane damage Ricardio did to him in the process of turning him into a living fortress, though he still might have died if Bubblegum hadn't helped him immediately afterward.

    2. I agree that most of the creatures are non-standard, however it is important to note that Marceline is, in most respects, a standard vampire. Also, the Ice King may have the more advanced regeneration properties because he does have the crown.

  3. I thought the episode was good until that weird song came in near the end. That part did not fit how old Adventure Time episodes were. I did not like this part. The rest fit in pretty well.

  4. I mean, most of the songs are pretty good in my opinion, that one wasn't great, but there have been worse episodes, and that wasn't a deal breaker for me.