Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Megaforce News

     With the fact that it is a slow news time for the Pokemon community, I figure I will cover Power Rangers Megaforce.  The one new piece of information to come out was the slogan.  Like "rangers together, samurai forever", PRM will feature a slogan "Earth's Defenders, Never Surrender."  In other news, according to, the filming and production process began today for Megaforce. 


For Reference:

MMPR-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
MMAR-Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
PRZ-Power Rangers Zeo
PRT-Power Rangers Turbo
PRiS-Power Rangers in Space
PRLG-Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
PRLR-Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
PRTF-Power Rangers Time Force
PRWF-Power Rangers Wild Force
PRNS-Power Rangers Ninja Storm
PRDT-Power Rangers Dino Thunder
SPD-Power Rangers SPD
PRMF-Power Rangers Mystic Force
PROO-Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
PRJF-Power Rangers Jungle Fury
RPM-Power Rangers RPM
PRS-Power Rangers Samurai
PRSS-Power Rangers Super Samurai
PRM-Power Rangers Megaforce

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