Monday, October 15, 2012

Adventure Time just became must watch.

     This year truly has been a big one for the hit show Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Within the past year we have learned where the Ice King came from and why he kidnaps princesses, Finn got a new love interest, we learned about the Nightosphere and the Spirit World, we learned where the magic man came from and that Abraham Lincoln from the pilot is from Mars, we learned that there are different elementals (Fire and Water are all that we know of), we learned what happened immediately following "Evicted", we learned Princess Bubblegum's successor and we learned that Lady Rainicorn is pregnant.  Based on descriptions from tonight's and next Monday's episodes, it appears as though this year is poised to be the true "shit hits the fan" year setting up for next year.  This week, the Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen bond over memories while next week the Lich King comes back and reveals Ooo's secrets.  I will be posting a list of information gathered from tonight's episode by 8 P.M. and a review of "Tales of the Park Part II", this year's Halloween special of Regular Show.

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