Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Adventure Time The Lich

Well the gems have power.  Basically, the gems from the crowns, when put into the Enchirideon open a portal to another dimension.  The Lich takes the form of the Hero Billy and tricks Finn and Jake into opening the portal.  Finn and Jake follow the Lich into it and end up on a farm in what I assume is the American South where Finn has a robotic arm, his face resembles that of Lemongrab and his mom is there.

That is an amazing finale.  They basically said the rules of connecting the dimensions and the reference that is master of it all is the one from "Five Short Graybles."  The end was unexpected and a massive cliffhanger.  Season 5 better begin explaining

Not at all what I expected but a solid 10/10


  1. That was a pretty bare bones review, and as a college writer I would think you would try harder? That was a synopsis, you gave no opinion or analysis.

  2. I appreciate the feedback but I would like for you to note the time it was posted as well as what was posted earlier that day as well as the day after. That was just to get a basic synopsis up while I worked the longer piece. I will make an attempt to include opinions in the basic review in the future though.

  3. Good job Adam Taylor! You are a true Finn of the internet!