Monday, October 29, 2012

Nicktoons Network Power Rangers SPD and Power Rangers Super Samurai "Trickster Treat" Review

For those of you interested, Power Rangers SPD will be airing on Nicktoons Network starting with a 48 hour marathon on Sunday, November 11th at 9 am.

As for "Trickster Treat": do not waste your time watching this episode.  It is the worst written episode and worst acted episode of the worst season of Power Rangers.  There is no scene that was originally recorded for this episode and the unmorphed ranger scene is from the finale.  And the worst part about this is that it disrupted the main series of events to say "it's Halloween, let's show a Halloween episode that is vaguely related to Halloween."

Terrible use of Shinkenger Returns Saban, why make it.  Nickelodeon, what are you thinking.


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