Sunday, November 18, 2012

Adventure Time "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog" Reviews

     Three weeks ago, Adventure Time wowed us with a stunning display of plot development over a four episode arc that finally came to a satisfying ending this week.
     The story picks up when Finn and Jake go through the portal after the Lich and follow him to the Time Room.  They meet Prismo who tells them that the Lich used his one wish to wish for the extinction of all life.  Finn wishes that the Lich never existed.  It then cuts to Farm Finn who is being told by his mother that he has to sell the family mule, Bartram.  Finn argues and is overruled.  He goes outside and starts talking to Bartram who wanders off.  Finn finds him in a tree and, while trying to retrieve him, falls into a hole.  In the hole is the Mushroom Bomb frozen with the skeleton of Simon Petrikov crushed under it.  A 1000 year old woman jumps out of the bush next to the body when Finn goes to retrieve the Ice King's crown.  The woman explains that Simon sacrificed himself to stop the bomb and the world was frozen over for 400 years.  She has guarded the crown ever since.  Finn goes to retrieve it and the woman fires on him with a laser gun. The laser passes through him and Finn retrieves the crown.  Simon, from beyond the grave, tells the woman, who is revealed to be Marceline, to get the crown.  Meanwhile, in town Finn goes to Choose Bruce (Choose Goose's equivalent) to try and sell the crown.  The Destiny Gang (sort of the rogue entity that calls the shots in Farmworld) steals the crown.  There is a moment of tension as the leader of the gang (hilariously self-dubbed "Big D") is given the crown to wear.  He puts it in his belt and retreats on a ski-lift type apparatus to a large house.  Finn attacks one of the members of the Destiny Gang and the rest retreat.  Finn decides to go after them because they kidnapped both the Crown and Bartram and Choose Bruce gives Finn an add-on for his arm that turns it into a blade.  Finn gives chase and Big D just hands the crown back.  Meanwhile the Destiny Gang torched the entire town where Choose Bruce lives.  Finn goes down and is informed that his house is being attacked next.  He, Jake, Bartram, and Marceline rush home and they find his family trapped in the house.  Finn, in an effort to save his family puts on the crown.
     At that point, the episode switches to "Jake the Dog" and picks up with Finn's transformation into the Ice King.  He starts putting out the fires and shooting the Ice Lightning that is the Ice King's primary weapon at the Destiny Gang.  Marceline and Jake rush down to the hole where we first found her and they watch the bomb go off.  Finn saves his family and Bartram.  Back at the Time Room, Ooo Jake is looking to Finn.  Prismo tells him that Finn is in his own timeline created by his wish.  Jake is told he gets a wish too.  He tries to wish for a sandwich and Prismo tells him to hold off.  Jake decides to watch it as it plays out.  Back in Farmworld, Finn breaks his family free and tells them what happened.  He hears his sibling crying and snaps out of it long enough to send his family away with Bartram.  He starts freeing the Destiny Gang and he hears Jake howling.  In the Time Room, Jake and Prismo are in a hot tub discussing relationships when the Cosmic Owl shows up and joins them.  In Farmworld, Finn goes to the epicenter of the bomb and finds Jake in the green goop that was seen in "Mortal Folly.  Marceline's skeleton comes out and says I told you so.  Finn kills it.  Jake starts gnawing on Finn's cyborg arm and his eyes have the possessed color that the snail and Princess Bubblegum had.  Finn drops Jake.  In the Time Room, Prismo, Jake, and the Cosmic Owl are doing a rap about sitting in the hot tub.  The Cosmic Owl accidentally unmutes the screen where the Farmworld is visible and Jake sees the possessed Farmworld version of himself attacking Finn.  Jake grows and his face is ripped off and replaced with the Lich's.  The screen goes fuzzy and Jake starts pleading to Prismo to wish for Finn to be safe.  Prismo informs him that his wish needs to be very specific because all the wishes have an ironic twist.  Jake vomits under pressure and Prismo tells him to wish for the Lich's wish to be that Finn and Jake were back home. Jake does it and it cuts to the beginning of the episode and instead of the Lich wishing for the extinction of all life he wishes for Finn and Jake to go home.  They do and the gems go back to the crowns.
     This episode taught us many things about the world.  First, Marceline is half-demon and the Vampire-ism was inflicted later in life.  Second, the Mushroom War actually was a nuclear war.  Third, the Lich's creation comes out of the radiation from the nuke.  Fourth, the creation of Ooo is inevitable, just the players are different.

Rating: 10/10.  Great Job

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