Monday, November 26, 2012

Adventure Time "Up a Tree" Review

     Adventure Time this week revisited their true form with the random episodes with little bearing on the series.  This week's episode "Up a Tree" was a prime example of this.  Here, Finn and Jake's game of catch goes awry when their Frisbee goes into a Tree and Finn has to go get it.  Hi-jinks ensue as Finn eats a cursed apple and is  shrunk down and the animals that live in the tree try to get him to stay there forever.  He escapes with the help of a delusional squirrel.
     The episode as a whole was a strong one, complete with the iconic one episode characters that have better stage presence than most live action actors.  The factor of the cult that lived in the tree was a cute way to introduce a Monster of the Week antagonist.  The full circle ending came back when Finn escapes on the perfect throw, something him and Jake aspired for in the beginning.  Finally, in terms the story, this episode confirms that the waving snail is no longer possessed by the Lich.

The episode gets a 9 out of 10 for living up to expectations.

As of right now, the next air date is not confirmed to be December 3rd, but when episodes come back, "Bad Little Boy" is next.

Also, for those of you who care, "Fionna and Cake" DVD set comes out this February.

Rating 9/10

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