Sunday, November 4, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai "Stroke of Fate" Review

   Having finally been able to seen the episode that should have aired last week, the Serrator story arc came to a close.  Picking up immediately after the last episode the Rangers find themselves in the ruins of where the ground exploded.  As they recover Antonio notices Deker (you may remember him as Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger) lying unconscious.  Rather than just killing him there to completely destroy Serrator's plot (and save Jayden a ton of trouble down the road) he lets him go.  Conflicted with this decision, he brings it up in the post-defeat meeting.  Antonio decides to go after Deker himself leaving behind Lightzord and a note.  Just as Mike and Kevin discover the note, the gap sensor sounds and Serrator reappears.  Jayden takes Mia and Emily (ladies man) and goes to Serrator while Mike and Kevin go after Antonio.  Needless to say, Mia, Emily, and Jayden have to deal with Moogers and defeat them handily while Antonio attempts to reason with Deker.  Deker attacks and Mike, Kevin, and Antonio are all beaten and Deker escapes.  Serrator not only defeats the other three but makes them de-morph.  Deker arrives and Serrator starts monologue-ing (yes monologue-ing) when Antonio, Kevin and Mike arrive.  They are also knocked out of commission.  Deker, instead of slicing the world open, decides to strike Serrator.  The Rangers morph and defeat Serrator's smaller version.  Then the drawn out Megazord battle ensues starting out with Claw Armor, Bull, Light, and Samurai Zords fighting against Serrator and two Papyrox.  Then they combine to the Samurai Gigazord.  That fails and they have to beat Serrator with the Samurai Gigazord, Shark Attack Mode, with Red Shogun Mode.

     It was one of the better episodes of the series and it exemplified the acting abilities of Mike and Antonio (in perspective of course).  The best part of the episode was the MMPR reference by Bulk.  Megazord sequences should have been cut down and I swear to god if Deker says "My Sword Uramasa" one more time, I will save Jayden the trouble of killing him.

This episode gets a 8.5 out of 10 purely because it is clearing the train wreck that is Power Rangers Samurai off the air.  Also, if you were to make a drinking game where you take a shot every time Deker references his sword, the rangers morph, the rangers use a more powerful weapon, and every different Zord combination, just on this episode you would be D.O.A.

8.5 out of 10.  Please no Megaforce drinking games.

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