Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adventure Time Season 5 Episode Titles

Here is the list of tentative episode names as put out by Pendleton Ward:

1014-105 Finn the Human
1014-106 Jake the Dog
1014-107 Five More Short Graybles
1014-108 Up a Tree
1014-109 All the Little People
1014-110 Bad Little Boy
1014-111 Jake the Dad
1014-112 Davey
1014-113 Mystery Dungeon
1014-114 Little Dude
1014-115 All Your Fault
1014-116 Vault of Bones
1014-117 The Great Bird Man
1014-118 Simon and Marcy
1014-119 Puhoy
1014-120 A Glitch Is a Glitch
1014-121 One Last Job
1014-122 Princess Potluck
1014-123 BMO Lost
1014-124 James Baxter the Horse
1014-129 Shhh
1014-130 The Suitor
1014-131 The Party’s Over, Isla de Senora
1014-132 Another Five Short Graybles
1014-133 LSP Gets Robbed
1014-134 Only Wizards Allowed
As you can see, we get two more Grayble episodes, Jake's puppies are born, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog are the first two episodes on the 12th, the finale takes place in Wizard City, BMO has at least one episode (maybe two depending on the glitch episode) and most important: an episode about Simon and Marceline.  Bad Little Boy is the genderswap with Fionna and Cake.

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