Monday, November 19, 2012

"Five More Short Graybles" Review

     Last season, we saw the first "Graybles" episode and it was very well received.  The third episode of this season "Five More Short Graybles" once again features Cuber doing his thing and showing five stories each with a common theme.  Where last time it was the five senses with Finn and Jake being touch, Princess Bubblegum being taste, the Ice King being smell, LSP being sound, and Beemo was sight.  In this one, the theme was the five tastes with Gunther being salty, Finn and Jake being sweet, Marceline being savory, Beemo being bitter and Tree Trunks being sour.  In the end, Cuber makes a joke saying that the audience could have thought that it was the five fingers (Beemo being the pinky, Finn and Jake being thumbs, the Ice King being the ring finger, Marceline being the index finger, and Tree Trunks being the middle) but Cuber says that people haven't had five fingers in a long time.
     If we are going to get this and another "grayble" episode later this season, Cuber and where he is better become significant, especially with "Another Five Short Graybles" being so close to the finale.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.  Nice lighthearted nonsequitor after the heavy hitting episodes "I Remember You", "The Lich", "Finn the Human", and "Jake the Dog".


  1. As much as I anticipated this episode and enjoy the series overall, I found the 5 finger thing being discounted for the 5 tastes to be disappointing.

    Especially since his reasoning is sort of bizarre... Finn is a human being and Ice King was once a human being so wouldn't they technically have 5 fingers even if the show doesn't depict them as such?

  2. The fact that there is a remote future with psychologically-human like beings, who look back to Finn's time and are familiar with its events, is very encouraging. It implies that Finn is ultimately successful in preserving life and civilization on Earth, Mars or both places. Given the strength of some of the forces of devastation in that storyverse, this is a cheerful thought.

  3. Sorry for not getting back sooner but I have been busy with travel and whatnot for the holiday.

    The five finger thing was done because of the outcry that arose from the "What Was Missing" episode with the implied lesbian relationship between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum that almost got Adventure Time kicked off the air. If they went with the five fingers, especially with how the middle finger was depicted, there would have been more outcry.

    It could be that Cuber is an alien who is looking at the events as an outside viewer from the future. The only thing that makes him seem to be from Ooo or Mars is the fact that he vaguely resembles a Candy Person.