Friday, November 9, 2012

Adventure Time Seasom 5 News **Massive Spoilers**

     According to an animatic clip that I have watched, we will see Finn's dad in the season premier of Season 5.  We will also see Finn's little sibling.  Finn will meet Simon in the episode and he will wear the Ice King's Crown. 


  1. Wait -- Finn will wear the Crown??!!!

    Of course, he's worn something much worse than the Ice King's Crown -- Huson Abadeer's Amulet.

    And it took him over in just a few seconds.

  2. Eh, I mean "Hunson" not "Huson."

  3. Yes, the trailer of "Jake the Dog" confirms this. He will wear the crown and the Jake that we know is not the Jake with Huck Finn.

    1. Having seen "Jake the Dog," I now have even more respect than I previously did for Simon Petrikov. The Crown took over Finn even faster than it took over Simon.

      And both 501 and 502 confirm the magical nature of the ice the Crown makes. It can put an armed bomb in stasis, and I'm now realizing that it's not a Nerf universe thing that the Ice King's ice doesn't actually hurt anyone, even if their HEAD is frozen in it -- it's probably because Simon can make his ice do whatever he wants it to do, including put living things in harmless stasis.

      Remember where Finn and Jake get most of their mundane ancient artifacts? These mysterious icebergs that wash up on the shore? I wonder who made those icebergs in the first place ...

  4. I assume that we will see more of this in "Simon and Marcy"